SO. I’ve haven’t posted in a while or been very active surrounding my blog at all tbh. In all honestly I was just super distracted with friends going to uni and trying to get a job. I had no motivation to write any blog posts and I was just a bit lost with what to do and what direction I wanted my blog to take. But anyway…

Hi. I’m back. I have recently started a new job where I am working 4 days a week and so far so good. It has been tough making the 8 am starts though as I haven’t had to set an alarm since my exams finished in June. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Regardless I’m enjoying having somewhere to go and people to see as it keeps me busy and fills the time.

In regards to my blog, I’ve had a brainstorm and tried to find inspiration for the direction of my blog and what I want it to be like. I’ve come to the realisation that I’m just not going to be someone who is always posting and has a strict routine when it comes to posting regularly. I enjoy blogging and I enjoy taking the photos and writing up my thoughts. But I’m busy and I don’t always have the time or the inspiration to be constantly posting. Nor do I want to lose interest or get stressed because I feel like I should be posting the same amount as others. So I will be posting when I have inspiration to do so and when I have something that I really need to say or want to get across or share with you guys. This is my plan for the moment, it may change and I may decide to switch up or some months post more than others but for now this is how its going to be.



Talking of things I want to share with you all, this LOVELY top is one of them. Its a recent addition to my ever growing wardrobe and its already become one of my faves and one that I reach for very often.  I found the designer  on Instagram and instantly fell in love with all of her products. She also sells hoodies, bags, and totes (I actually brought the bug tote the other day – LOVE IT).  The top is super great quality and just adds a little something extra than a plain white tee.

I’ll link the designer and the embroidered tee down below in case anyone wants to take a look! 







Emma Warren :

Wild flower embroidered tee :


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