I recently got back my first ever roll of film that I shot not long ago on my family holiday to Italy and I thought I’d share the photos with you as I’m super happy with how they turned out. I brought a film camera (Pentax Pino 35-in case your interested) earlier on this year but I just hadn’t found the time to use it. So I decided to give it a try in Italy and the photos actually turned out quite well.

We visited a city called Lucca which is full of cobbled streets and cute little boutique shops. I think this was one of my favourite places we visited and it was just really lovely to explore all the pretty streets and buildings.
















Another place that we visited was Colle val d’elsa. We saw it from a distance while driving back from somewhere else and decided that we would go back to explore another day. Although it took us absolutely ages to find it, once we were there it was actually really lovely. Its not a massive tourist spot so it was really quiet in comparison to some of the other places we had visited which was nice. There isn’t an awful lot to do there apart from some Crystal museums and displays, but we still had a nice time just wandering the streets and having a little explore. You also have to climb a super steep hill to get to the town (you can get a glass lift type thing but we decided against that-plus it wasn’t actually working on the day we went!). The view was really pretty though and we were able to see all of the new part of the town.


I’m really looking forward to taking more photos on my film camera now that I know it actually works and that the photos developed well. There’s something about shooting with a film camera that I really like and its exciting having to send off your film and waiting for the prints to come back and see how they came out.


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