Turning Eighteen!

Turning Eighteen!

I AM 18!! As in like from today i am officially an adult! How crazy!!

I don’t feel like an adult, nor do i know how to do typical adult things like bills and taxes and all that jazz, but that can be for another day (most likely very far in the future lets be honest). So, as i am now officially an adult, i am super excited to be able to legally drink and get over 18 wages and all that. Yet, at the same time its daunting knowing that from now on things are going to change A LOT and while thinking about the future is scary at the same time I CAN’T WAIT for whats to come!

So i thought that for this post i would share with you 18 pieces of wisdom i have gathered so far in my 18 years.

Hope you enjoy!

  1. Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever
  2. People change and that’s okay
  3. You need to put yourself first sometimes
  4. Things are not always gonna work out how you want them to
  5. Its okay to ask for help
  6. Taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone is SO important
  7. Everything happens for a reason
  8. Don’t put your mental health at risk for exams and education
  9. Not everyone is gonna like you
  10. Never pretend to like something or pretend to be a certain way to try and fit in
  11. Don’t let ‘what ifs’ stop you
  12. Everyone is dealing with something
  13. Hot chocolate is always a good idea (whatever the season)
  14. Live and grow at your own pace
  15. Don’t stress over situations that cannot be controlled
  16. Do not compare your life to the lives of others
  17. Social media and technology is great but its important to take breaks every now and then
  18. Be grateful for what you have

So there it is, 18 things i’ve learnt in 18 years! Now i’m sure there will be a blog post of similar style in the future as there is always more to learn, but for now this is it. I really hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading!




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